Haoxiang High Purity Organic Oyster Protein Peptide Powder Plant Extract Oyster Peptide Wholesale Custom Oyster Collagen Peptide Powder for Energy Supplement

Haoxiang High Purity Organic Oyster Protein Peptide Powder Plant Extract Oyster Peptide Wholesale Custom Oyster Collagen Peptide Powder for Energy Supplement

Overview Product Description Some Research Have Shown That Oligopeptide And Polypeptide Can Increase Immune Cell Viabili
Basic Info
Model NO. Oyster Peptides
Product Name Oyster Peptide
Material Source Fresh Oyster or Natural Dried Oyster
Color Light Yellow or Pale Brown Powder
State Powder
Technology Process Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Smell with The Produce Unique Smell and Taste
Molecular Weight 500-1000dal
Protein >= 60%
Package 15kg/Bag, 10kg/Carton, or Customized
Function1 Protect Liver
Function2 Lower The Blood Sugar
Function3 Anti-Tumor Effect
Function4 Enhance Male Sexual Function
Transport Package Aluminum Foil Bag Inside, Carton Outside
Specification Protein
Origin Dezhou Linyi, China
HS Code 21069090
Production Capacity 3000mt Per Year
Product Description
Product Description

Some Research Have Shown That Oligopeptide And Polypeptide Can Increase Immune Cell Viability, And Effectively Adjust The Function Of Lymphoid T Cell Subsets, Enhance Humoral Immunity And Cellular Immunity, And Fundamentally Improve Human Immunity. It Is An Effective Agent For The Treatment And Prevention Of Various Diseases.Oyster Peptide Is The Application Of Peptide Molecular Biotechnology To The Oyster Processing Process, And The Oyster Peptide Is Prepared By Enzymatic Hydrolysis. The Small Molecule Oligopeptide Formed By This Method Completely Maintain The Nutrient Components Such As Vitamin, Micro-Element, And Taurine, Which Nucleic Acid-Rich Oysters Are Absorbed Faster Than A Single Amino Acid Or Protein After Being Ingested By The Human Body And Are More Easily Absorbed By The Body. They Have More Important Biological Activities In Human Metabolism And Can Effectively Increase The Serum Level Of Men. Compared With Normal Oyster Peptide, It Is More Biological Efficacy And More Important Physical Function.A Large Number Of Clinical Data Have Shown That Oysters Have The Functions Of Increasing Men'S Serum, Regulating Blood Lipid, Inhibiting Platelet Aggregation, Improving Hyperglycemia Systems, Promoting Immunity And Boosting Metabolism, As Well As Effective In Fighting Cancer And Preventing The Spread Of Cancer Cells.Dissolution Is The Prerequisite For Nutrients To Be Absorbed And Utilized. Any Kinds Of Nutrients In The Human Body Must Be Digested Into Soluble Form (Either Soluble In Water Or Lipids)Before It Can Be Absorbed And Utilized. Compare Small Molecular Peptide With Proteins, Proteins Are Unable To Dissolve, While Small Molecular Peptides Is Easy To Be Absorbed And Utilized. There Are Researches Proved That The Absorption Rate Of Protein Can Reach 30-40%, And The Absorption Rate Of Small Molecular Peptide Can Reach More Than 98%. Therefore, Small Molecular Peptide Is Better Than Protein In It.Peptide nutrition

Peptide MaterialSource of raw materialsThe main functionApplication field
Walnut PeptideWalnut mealHealthy brain, quick recovery from fatigue, moisturizing effectHEALTHY FOODFSMPNUTRITIOUS FOODSPORTS FOODDRUGSKIN CARE COSMETICS
Pea PeptidePea ProteinPromote the growth of probiotics, anti-inflammatory, and enhance immunity
Soy PeptideSoy ProteinRecover fatigue,anti-oxidation, lower fat,lose weight
Spleen PolypeptideCow spleenImprove human cellular immune function, prevent and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases
Earthworm PeptideEarthworm DryEnhance immunity, improve microcirculation, dissolve thrombosis and clear thrombus, maintain blood vessels
Male Silkworm Pupa PeptideMale silkworm pupaProtect liver, improve immunity, promote growth, lower blood sugar,lower blood pressure
Snake PolypeptideBlack snakeEnhance immunity,anti-hypertension,anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombosis

Function:1. Protect LiverAs Peptides And Amino Acids Are The Nutritional Source Of Human Organs, Which Can Help Organs To Recovery Their Functions. Promote Liver Functions, Increase The Metabolism And Detox Ability Of Liver, Improve Cell Immunity Of Live If Largely Supplement Enough Peptide To The Organs.2. Increase Skin Elasticity And Delay AgingThe Effective Component In The Collagen Peptide Can Activate Collagen Synthase In Human Skin, Thus Promoting The Synthesis Of Collagen. Especially In The Age Of 25, The Body'S Ability To Synthesize Collagen Decrease, And The Loss Collagen Is More Than That Produced, And The Skin Will Appear Loose And Aging. Therefore, Adhere To The Consumption Of Collagen Peptide, Which Is Good For Supplementing Collagen To Increase Skin Elasticity.3. Improve Male FunctionOyster Peptides Can Reasonably Increase The Level In Blood Cells And Improve Men'S Sexual Function. It Can Preserve Original Nutritional Elements, Such As Microbial Zinc, Selenium, Arginine, Lysine, Etc, So It Is Very Important For Men'S Sexual Function.4. Improve ImmunityOyster Peptides Can Increase The Relative Net Weight Of Immune Organs And Hemolysin Components, And Can Significantly Increase The Conversion Of Antigens Into Somatic Cells And Delayed Head-Type Hypersensitivity, Which Has The Effect Of Enhancing Immunity. The Sugar Content Of Oyster In Oyster Oligopeptides Can Improve The Body'S Resistance And Inhibit The Multiplication Of Cold Viruses.5. Lower Blood Lipids And Lower Blood PressureThe Proteolytic Reaction Substance Of Oyster Has The Specificity Of α-Glucosidase Inhibition, Showing The Effect Of Lowering Blood Lipid. It Contains ACE Inhibitory Peptides, Which Have The Effect Of Lowering Blood Pressure.6. Oxidation ResistanceOyster Peptide Has A Certain Ability To Restore Work And Has Obvious Antioxidant Capacity. Glycosaminoglycans In Oyster Have A Protective Effect On The Damage Of Vascular Endothelial Cells Caused By H2O2.7. Nourish And Protect The LiverOyster Oligopeptides Also Have The Function Of Maintaining The Liver And Inhibiting Hepatocyte Necrosis According To Their Antioxidant Properties. Lysine Can Resist Lipid Peroxidation, Protect The Liver, Inhibit Hepatocyte Necrosis, And Enhance The Liver'S Ability To Eliminate Poison.

HAOXIANG High Purity Organic Oyster Protein Peptide Powder Plant Extract Oyster Peptide Wholesale Custom Oyster Collagen Peptide Powder For Energy Supplement

Company Profile
International Sales Department:DEZHOU HAOXIANG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD.Add: Building 7#-22, Decheng Auto City, No. 3777, Dexian Street,Dezhou City,ChinaFactory Production Base:DEZHOU LANLI BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Add: No. 532, Middle Section of Huaxing Road, Hengyuan Street, Linyi County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province

Lanli Biotechnology was founded in 2017 and located in Linyi Economic Development Zone, Dezhou city, Shandong province.Our company mainly produces fish collagen peptide, bovine collagen peptide, soybean peptide.Lanli covers an area of about 26,666 m2 with capacity of 3,000 tons annually. We have 2 professors, 8 scientific research members with bachelor's degree or above, and 3 senior managements.The company passed national laboratory accreditation, ISO22000 certification, HACCP certification, and HALAL certification. Our products are mainly sold to North America, South America, Japan, South Korea,Southeast Asia etc.Detailed Photos


Q:What's the MOQ?

A: In order to support all our agent, we can offer any quantity even 1kgQ:Which payments terms can you accept ?
A: We accept TT, LC, D/A, D/P western union, and money gram
Q:If i placed my order , how long can i get my cargo ?
A: If the order quantity more than 8 tons , the delivery time may about 15days , if the quantity less than 5tons, we can prepare the cargo within 10days
Q:What kind of certificates can you provide ?
A: We can offer ISO22000, HALAL, FDA , HACCP, Kosher
Q: How to keep the order's quality consistent with my sample?
A: We normally offer ship-sample before loading the cargo , and make sure the quality same as before
Q:How to store the goods?
A: We need to put the goods in cool, and dry warehouse. Pls be notice the shelf life of our products is about 2 years.