Haoxiang High Purity Organic Peabean Protein Peptide Powder Plant Extract Pea Peptide Wholesale Custom Peabean Collagen Peptide Powder for Energy Supplement

Haoxiang High Purity Organic Peabean Protein Peptide Powder Plant Extract Pea Peptide Wholesale Custom Peabean Collagen Peptide Powder for Energy Supplement

Overview Product DescriptionActive Peptide Is A General Term For More Than One Thousand Peptides, As Soy Peptide Is A Ki
Basic Info
Model NO. Pea Peptides
Packaging Material Paper
Storage Method Frozen
Shelf Life >12 Months
Nutrient Composition Vitamin
Resource Chemosynthesis
The content of active substances 31%~60%
Product Name Pea Peptide
Material Source Pea Protein
Color White or Light Yellow Powder
State Powder/Granule
Technology Process Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Smell with The Produce Unique Smell and Taste
Protein >=80%
Package 10kg/Bag, 10kg/Carton, or Customized
Application Food Additives,Whitening Skin,Healthcare Products
Transport Package Standard Package
Specification Protein
Trademark HAOXIANG
Origin Dezhou Linyi, China
HS Code 21069090
Production Capacity 3000mt Per Year
Product Description
Product DescriptionActive Peptide Is A General Term For More Than One Thousand Peptides, As Soy Peptide Is A Kind Of Active Peptide. It Plays An Important Role In People' Growth And Development, Metabolism, Disease, Aging, And Death. Active Peptide Is A Critical Substance In The Human Body. It Is Precise Because Of The Increase Or Decrease Of Its Secretion In The Body That Human Beings Have A Cycle Of Infancy, Childhood, Adulthood, Old Age, And Death. The Injection Of Active Peptides Breaks This Cycle Of Life, So As To Extend Life.Active Peptides Mainly Play A Role In Human Growth, Development, Immunity, And Metabolism. It Is In The State Of Equilibrium In The Human Body. If The Active Peptide Is Reduced, The Human Body'S Functions Will Undergo Important Changes. For Children, His Growth And Development Become Slower Or Even Stop. Over Time, Dwarfs Will Be Formed. For Adults Or The Elderly, Lack Of Active Peptides, Their Own Immunity Will Decline, Metabolism And Endocrine Disorders, As Well As Cause Various Diseases, Such As Insomnia, Weight Loss, Or Edema.Pea Peptide Is A Small Molecular Oligopeptide With a Relative Molecular Weight Of 200-800 Daltons, Which Is Processed By Enzymatic Hydrolysis, Separation, Purification Drying Process, Uses Pea Protein As Raw Material. Amino Acids Are Necessary Nutrition Substance In Human Body, While There Are 8 Amino Acids that Cannot Be Synthesized By Themselves. Pea Peptide Is An Active Small Molecule Peptide, It Is Extracted From Pea Protein By Bio-Complex Enzyme Digestion. Pea Peptides Contains Eight Kinds Of Amino Acids That Is Useful For Humans. Pea Products Can Meets The Human Amino Acids Nutritional Request By FDA.
Material Source: Pea ProteinColor: White Or Light Yellow PowderState: Powder/GranuleTechnology Process: Enzymatic HydrolysisSmell: With The Produce Unique Smell And TasteMolecular Weight:500-1000DalProtein:≥ 80%The Raw Material Extracted From Plant, Natural And Healthy Without Additives Rich In A Variety Of Amino Acids For Human Body.Package: 10KG/Bag, 10Kg/Carton, Or Customized

Peptide Nutrition
Peptide MaterialSource Of Raw MaterialsThe Main FunctionApplication Field
Walnut PeptideWalnut MealHealthy Brain, Quick Recovery From Fatigue, Moisturizing EffectHEALTHY FOODFSMPNUTRITIOUS FOODSPORTS FOODDRUGSKIN CARE COSMETICS
Pea PeptidePea ProteinPromote The Growth Of Probiotics, Anti-Inflammatory, And Enhance Immunity
Soy PeptideSoy ProteinRecover Fatigue,
Anti-Oxidation, Lower Fat,
Lose Weight
Spleen PolypeptideCow SpleenImprove Human Cellular Immune Function, Prevent And Reduce The Occurrence Of Respiratory Diseases
Earthworm PeptideEarthworm DryEnhance Immunity, Improve Microcirculation, Dissolve Thrombosis And Clear Thrombus, Maintain Blood Vessels
Male Silkworm Pupa PeptideMale Silkworm PupaProtect Liver, Improve Immunity, Promote Growth, Lower Blood Sugar,
Lower Blood Pressure
Snake PolypeptideBlack SnakeEnhance Immunity,
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Thrombosis

1. Whitening SkinHuman Skin Color Is Mainly Determined By Melanin In Epidermal Cells. If The Content Of Thioamino Groups In The Skin Increases And The Activity Of Tyrosinase Decreases, Both Can Prevent Melanin Production. The Small Peptide Itself Contains A Considerable Number Of Sulfhydryl Groups. Small Molecule Peptides Also Contain Biological Inhibitors, Which Can Inhibit The Activity Of Tyrosinase By Capturing Copper Ions In Thiosinase, Thereby Reducing The Amount Of Melanin Formation. In Addition, Small Peptides Also Contain Factors That Dilute The Pigment. Small Molecule Peptides Not Only Have The Dual Effects Of Preventing And Lightening But Also Have The Characteristics Of Whitening The Skin.2. Recover SkinSmall Molecular Peptide Can Directly Penetrate Into The Bottom Of The Skin To Recover Denatured Cells To Free Radical Scavenging, And Insist Cells To Produce Collagen To Reorganize Skin Fibrous Tissue.3. Renew SkinSmall Molecular Peptide Not Only The Function Of Anti-Inflammatory And Renew Skin, But Also Has The Effect Of Promoting The Growth Of Hair.

HAOXIANG High Purity Organic Peabean Protein Peptide Powder Plant Extract Pea Peptide Wholesale Custom Peabean Collagen Peptide Powder For Energy Supplement

Company Profile
International Sales Department:DEZHOU HAOXIANG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD.Add: Building 7#-22, Decheng Auto City, No. 3777, Dexian Street,Dezhou City,ChinaFactory Production Base:DEZHOU LANLI BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Add: No. 532, Middle Section of Huaxing Road, Hengyuan Street, Linyi County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province

Lanai Biotechnology was founded in 2017 and is located in Linyi Economic Development Zone, Dezhou city, Shandong province. Our company mainly produces fish collagen peptides, bovine collagen peptides, and soybean peptides. Lanai covers an area of about 26,666 m2 with a capacity of 3,000 tons annually. We have 2 professors, 8 scientific research members with bachelor's degrees or above, and 3 senior managers. The company passed national laboratory accreditation, ISO22000 certification, HACCP certification, and HALAL certification. Our products are mainly sold in North America, South America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc.


Q:What's the MOQ?

A: In order to support all our agent, we can offer any quantity even 1kgQ:Which payments terms can you accept ?
A: We accept TT, LC, D/A, D/P western union, and money gram
Q:If i placed my order , how long can i get my cargo ?
A: If the order quantity more than 8 tons , the delivery time may about 15days , if the quantity less than 5tons, we can prepare the cargo within 10days
Q:What kind of certificates can you provide ?
A: We can offer ISO22000, HALAL, FDA , HACCP, Kosher
Q: How to keep the order's quality consistent with my sample?
A: We normally offer ship-sample before loading the cargo , and make sure the quality same as before
Q:How to store the goods?
A: We need to put the goods in cool, and dry warehouse. Pls be notice the shelf life of our products is about 2 years.